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EU sharpens retaliatory toolbox against US, foreign green tech distortions

The European Commission is an expert in brokering political compromises over seemingly technocratic topics. And it delivered this week yet again. This time it is about the question of what to do about the Biden administration’s decision to pour billions into subsidising green technology investments to meet its net-zero climate …

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Blog: Canada’s beef with Britain – why the CPTPP accession deal didn’t happen

Pressure from Canada for improved access to the UK’s market for agricultural products is blocking the conclusion of talks on UK accession to the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement on Trans-Pacific Partnership, according to people close to the negotiations. There had been hopes, widely reported in some media, that last week’s …

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EU, Mercosur pick up deal discussion

The EU and Mercosur blocs have agreed on a “work schedule for the first half of 2023” in an attempt to agree on additional sustainability provisions to be inserted within the bilateral association agreement. In meetings this week in Buenos Aires, negotiators from the two sides discussed “the three dimensions …