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CPTPP + US: the emergence of a British trade policy strategy

The United Kingdom left the European Union with the explicit aim of having its own trade policy and agreements. Britain is in business now. The biggest challenge will be handling the domestic politics of farming, procurement, environment and devolution to make London’s emerging trade policy strategy bear fruit. London aims …

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UK trade update: UK-US long road ahead, Switzerland finance, Australia FTA

Truss warns of long road ahead as UK-US FTA talks continue London will not be setting any deadline for concluding its free trade agreement negotiations with the United States, Britain’s international trade secretary Liz Truss has warned. The comment, made in a written statement to the parliament in Westminster following …

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Comment: USTR eyes Airbus-related escalation of tariffs, helicopter tariffs

The United States are currently threatening new tariffs on neighbours and allies left, right, front and centre. It’s clearly election campaign season for an embattled US president Donald Trump. Signs are European Union efforts to find some form of ‘settlement’ with the US on aircraft subsidies have been in vain, …