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Week in London: No more NI-GB-EU meat trade, China CPTPP accession, supply chains paper

Meat traders in Great Britain have lost the flexibility to move imported meat into Northern Ireland for further processing . The UK is taking legislative steps to prepare itself for its forthcoming accession to the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement on Trans-Pacific Partnership, but some worry about what happens when China …

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2024 preview: ‘Green’ subsidies head up new agenda for UK trade policy 

The gloss has come off the United Kingdom’s trade policy as it begins its fourth year as an autonomous trading nation.  Viewed initially in London as an exciting expression of the country’s new-found freedom in the post-Brexit era, international trade policy in 2024 has become a rather prosaic affair. 

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Blog: A lesson in trade policy from the UK Trade and Agriculture Commission

The UK’s Trade and Agriculture Commission, an advisory body to the government on trade policy in relation to the country’s agriculture sector, released a much awaited report late last week on the consequences of Britain’s accession to the Comprehensive and Progressive Transpacific Partnership. Here some comments.

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THINK TANK: IFD, security exceptions, CPTPP, US investment restrictions, EU friend-shoring 

Here is a roundup of what trade think tanks have been up in August thus far. The Peterson Institute for International Economics and the Hinrich Foundation have been focusing on WTO issues, while the European Council on Foreign relations focuses on the EU’s version of ‘friend-shoring’.