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Perspectives: How precedent and politics are stalling the UK trade policy agenda

Britain’s trade policy is losing momentum after its first major success in acceding to the CPTPP. As negotiations to upgrade stopgap agreements with Turkey and Switzerland begin, the next government in London will need to focus on its wider European and EU relationships.

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Week in London: Steel safeguard extension, UK-EU, Labour party reshuffle

This week in London: the UK is also considering extending its steel safeguard, EU UK cooperation slowly gets back on track with this week’s formal announcement of Britain re-joining the EU’s Horizon research and development programme and Labour appointed a new business and trade shadow secretary.

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Week in London: Badenoch on CPTPP, poor countries hit by steel safeguard, Oklahoma deal

Change is afoot in the UK. Badenoch quizzed as Commons trade committee meets for last time The UK parliament reached the end of a six-year-long era on Wednesday (19 April) as the House of Common’s international trade committee met for its final session. The committee is being disbanded as from …