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EU risks fresh trade rows over GI status for ‘halloumi’ cheese

The European Commission has risked complicating its ongoing free trade agreement negotiations with Australia and New Zealand by authorising a Cypriot cheese speciality as a new geographical indication. This  move also opens up a new potential area of conflict in its relationship with the United Kingdom.

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WTO members suspicious as UK converts tariff schedules from euros to pounds

The UK’s new Global Tariff schedule has attracted a suspicious response from Britain’s World Trade Organization partners – especially following confirmation that the government planning to change part of the country’s ‘bound’ tariff schedules from euros to pounds once it leaves the EU’s customs union on 31 December this year. …

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Brexit and fish: the threat to UK-EU trade in fisheries products

Few sectors have more at stake in the fraught trade negotiations between the United Kingdom and the European Union than fisheries. While the media has mostly been focusing on the highly-politicised issue of access to British fishing grounds for EU vessels after the current transition period expires, Brexit also threatens …

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EU, UK join WTO group pledging fight against food export curbs

The European Union has joined with 23 other World Trade Organization members in pledging not to impose food export bans in response to the crisis in food distribution which the COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed in some sectors. The commitment was issued in the form of a WTO joint statement, coordinated …