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Week in London: Russia sanctions, Australia, New Zealand

The UK is playing catch-up with other Western countries’ sanctions and preparing to ratify two prized free trade agreements. UK bans sales of aircraft parts to Russia, expands scope of other sanctions London has responded to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine by deepening and expanding its existing sanctions against Moscow. Foreign …

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EU risks fresh trade rows over GI status for ‘halloumi’ cheese

The European Commission has risked complicating its ongoing free trade agreement negotiations with Australia and New Zealand by authorising a Cypriot cheese speciality as a new geographical indication. This  move also opens up a new potential area of conflict in its relationship with the United Kingdom.

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UK & EU food manufacturers call for liberal rules of origin in future trade pact

Food industry manufacturers in the European Union and the United Kingdom have joined forces to lobby their respective negotiators for a “bespoke solution” to liberalise rules of origin in the EU-UK free trade agreement talks. The industry groups are urging the two sides to agree to a series of RoO …