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Week in London: EU UK trade relations shadow committee, Lugano Convention spat

United Kingdom-EU trade scrutiny will happen regardless, it seems… ‘Shadow’ committee to scrutinise EU-UK trade relations outside Parliament A pro-European UK thinktank has set up what amounts to a ‘shadow’ parliamentary committee to assess the impact of the UK’s exit from the EU single market, and to scrutinise the UK’s …

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EU risks fresh trade rows over GI status for ‘halloumi’ cheese

The European Commission has risked complicating its ongoing free trade agreement negotiations with Australia and New Zealand by authorising a Cypriot cheese speciality as a new geographical indication. This  move also opens up a new potential area of conflict in its relationship with the United Kingdom.

Northern Ireland Week in London column

Week in London: Northern Ireland, Vietnam, EU business worries about trade with UK

Political tensions around Northern Ireland have calmed down. UK delivers requested ‘roadmap’ on Northern Ireland protocol implementation One of the European Commission’s key demands in its acrimonious debate with the UK over the Northern Ireland Protocol appears this week to have been met. British government sources reported on Thursday that …