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Perspectives: Borders, trade barriers and Britain’s Unfinished Brexit

There is renewed speculation that the United Kingdom will delay the introduction of full import checks on food arriving from the European Union. Seen together with the ongoing disagreement with Brussels over the Northern Ireland Protocol, this reflects the British government’s continuing difficulty to reconcile leaving the single market with …

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Southworth: Bring overseas countries into the British post-Brexit trade conversation

Chris Southworth, secretary general of the International Chamber of Commerce United Kingdom, shares his views with Borderlex’s Iana Dreyer on Britain’s prospects as a trading nation after Brexit. On the menu: the UK in the World Trade Organization in the Trump era, rolling over 40 existing EU trade agreements with …

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Comment: Hard decisions ahead for UK on future trading arrangements

With few countries running to the UK offering to open their markets, growing nationalist populism and authoritarianism across Europe, and protectionism on the rise domestically, Britain faces some tough choices on how to move forward with its trading arrangements. The UK may do better to seek a new customs union …

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Technical briefing: EU Commission offers glimpse of ‘hard’ Brexit

Be prepared to run away from Britain, and to run fast. That is, in short, the message the European Commission is sending to non-EU exporters and to UK exporters as part of its ‘Brexit preparedness’ activities with businesses representatives. The commission has been issuing a long list of notices to …

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Comment: Brexit transition and FTAs – How it could all work out for Britain

The EU’s planned sanctions mechanism during the United Kingdom’s transition period out of the EU means the European Court of Justice might ultimately not govern it. Also, Britain’s approach to rolling over EU third-country trade agreements during that period could well prove to work, argues Lorand Bartels.

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Comment – It’s time to face up to the prospect of Brexit Armageddon

  Britain is heading straight into the ‘cliff edge’ scenario. It’s time for both Britain and the EU to significantly change tack before it’s too late and Armageddon sets in, argues Iana Dreyer.   Both the United Kingdom and the European Union are aiming for a “smooth” and “orderly” withdrawal …