Brexit & UK trade

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Week in Brussels: MEP scrutiny of EU-UK TCA, carbon border measure, Korean surimi

EU UK TCA: European Parliament wants more scrutiny powers and more time European Parliament committees scrutinised the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement this week. The series of meetings culminated in a joint meeting of the foreign affairs and international trade committee on Thursday. This kick-starts a formalised consent procedure involving …

Northern Ireland Week in London column

Week in London: Xinjiang trade restrictions, border hassles, Northern Ireland Protocol, GIs

UK gets tougher on trade with Xinjiang region as China concerns mount British traders are to face internal sanctions if they trade with businesses connected with the Xinjiang region of China, where there is growing concern over the oppression of the Uyghur minority by the Beijing government. Businesses found to …

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Week in London: Northern Ireland Protocol under fire, Ghana bananas, food standards and more

Developments on the UK trade policy front in its first week after the end of the Transition Period: Northern Ireland, hiccups in the Ghana EPA roll-over, food standards and UK trade legislation as well as personnel changes at the Department for International Trade.