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EU removes remaining DCFTA tariffs and quotas on Ukraine exports

The European Commission today proposed to temporarily suspend for one year all outstanding tariffs on trade between the EU and Ukraine, following the latter’s invasion by Russia. Today’s proposal, which was also agreed with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, follows the UK’s decision on Monday to proceed with complete liberalisation of …

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Russia: EU goes slow on extra sanctions, WTO rights, as Moscow curbs commodities exports

Russia is pushing back against the sweeping economic sanctions imposed on it by Western nations and some of their allies in the Asia-Pacific following its military attack on Ukraine. This is  already having a chilling effect on further ambitions in Brussels to target Russia’s economic interests. Moscow is also piqued …

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Perspectives: Withdrawing MFN from Russia at WTO is right – going further is problematic

The question of whether Russia should continue to benefit from World Trade Organization membership has moved to prominence in recent days. The rules to remove most-favoured nation treatment are clear and should be applied. But we should be cautious of going further as this would risk the WTO’s future without …