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EU Turkey customs union: agriculture and coup aftermath in trade committee limelight

The trade committee of the European Parliament discussed current plans to launch negotiations with Turkey to modernise the existing two-decade old customs union between the EU and its big southern neighbour: the process faces challenges, both political and related to bread-and-butter market access issues.   The Commission hopes to table …

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Will the European Parliament’s Turkey accession vote jeopardise the customs union update?

The European Parliament has made sure there is even more bad blood in the EU-Turkey relationship than already is. On Thursday (24 November 2016), 77 percent of MEPs called to a halt to recently re-initiated EU membership accession negotiations as part of a non binding resolution.   The accession talks, initiated in 2005, but …

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CJEU: Advocate General slams 2015 Morocco trade agreement ruling

The EU Council has increased its chances to win an appeal against a ruling by the General Court in December 2015 that invalidated a 2012 EU trade agreement with Morocco because it purportedly did not take into account human rights considerations in the territory of Western Sahara.   The Advocate General’s opinion released today …