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Opinion: Stop obsessing about Washington, make better climate, China policies

The European Commission obtained very little from Washington in terms of concessions on the Inflation Reduction Act this week. There is in fact, little the EU can do to see the United States change course. In many ways the whole diplomatic episode around US clean tech subsidies that began in …

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EU sharpens retaliatory toolbox against US, foreign green tech distortions

The European Commission is an expert in brokering political compromises over seemingly technocratic topics. And it delivered this week yet again. This time it is about the question of what to do about the Biden administration’s decision to pour billions into subsidising green technology investments to meet its net-zero climate …

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EU – US post-Brexit agriculture quota reallocation deal edges closer to implementation

USTR Katherine’s Tai’s stopover in Brussels this week resulted not only in the relaunch of the TTC process, but also in the signature of a long-sought deal to partially reallocate the division of EU tariff rate quotas between the United Kingdom and the EU27 – almost two years after the …