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Comment: How Paris is planning to secure CETA’s ratification

The French government announced an ‘action plan’ on the EU Canada CETA agreement on Wednesday (25 October 2017).   A deep dive into the 20-page document reveals how Macron’s government is manoeuvring to make highly contested trade agreements back home palatable to his party base and the electorate when it puts …

Canada and CETA France Internal EU politics

French constitutional decision removes further obstacle to CETA ratification

Sneaky. But unsurprising.   France’s constitutional council delivered its verdict on the EU Canada CETA free trade agreement in the depths of summer. On the very last day of July 2017, France’s so-called ‘wise men’ disclosed that they had strictly no objections to the controversial trade deal which more than …

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Week-end round-up and week preview – G20 CETA Chile New Zealand Australia

G20 round-up   In Saturday (8 July 2017) G20 leaders agreed on a lengthy text on trade policy that covers a commitment to keeping world trade open. Overall the final declaration focuses on the “challenges” of globalisation. It covers excess capacities in steel, sustainable value chains, trade reciprocity, and the …