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EU Australia FTA: data privacy, beef quotas latest flashpoints in negotiations

There are ‘dark clouds’ hanging over the current free trade negotiations between the EU and Australia, with data flows and beef quotas currently ranking as probably the two most difficult issues to resolve, according to Brussels insiders. Services offers A sixth round of negotiations between the two sides was held …

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Week in Brussels: China, Indonesia, New Zealand, ESA

With input from Chris Horseman. The week in EU trade was dominated by preparations for trade agreement negotiations with Britain next month and Phil Hogan’s delicate trip to the United States. Hogan’s tweets mention meetings with members of Congress and the Senate and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. The ‘big’ meeting …

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Demands for compensation as Brexit TRQ splits starts to affect farm trade

The shadow of Brexit is already hanging heavy over global trade in agricultural products, with WTO members once again this week queueing up to condemn the European Union and the United Kingdom for their proposed approach to splitting tariff rate quotas between the two sides after the United Kingdom leaves …

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MEPs grill visitors over green dimension of EU-Australian FTA talks

The issue of sustainable development may end up having at least as much influence on the success or otherwise of the EU-Australia free trade agreement negotiations as do agricultural market access or GIs. This became apparent in the course of a joint debate in the European Parliament’s international trade committee …

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Week ahead in EU trade: G20 fallout, parliament leadership race, EU Australia

It hasn’t been much of a weekend for European leaders. Nor for journalists. We’ve had: a handshake deal on the EU Mercosur free trade negotiations on Friday night with few details on its exact content, the signing of the EU Vietnam free trade agreement in Hanoi on Sunday (30 June), …