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EU risks fresh trade rows over GI status for ‘halloumi’ cheese

The European Commission has risked complicating its ongoing free trade agreement negotiations with Australia and New Zealand by authorising a Cypriot cheese speciality as a new geographical indication. This  move also opens up a new potential area of conflict in its relationship with the United Kingdom.

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Week in Brussels: New Zealand, US countervails free EU CO2 emissions rights

It is quite a momentous week for trade in general and trade policy in the European Union in particular, with the future partnership agreement with the United Kingdom in the final stages of negotiation and indications that perhaps there might be ‘white smoke’ on a hitherto elusive EU China investment …

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Week in Brussels: Strategic plan, lobster deal, EP on TPR, Australia, Mercosur

Good afternoon, an overview of interesting trade policy developments in Brussels this week. 35% of EU exports to be covered by trade agreements in 2024 and other strategic objectives The European Commission’s trade directorate released its 2020 ‘Strategic Plan’ this week. The document spells out how the body will approach …

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Week in Brussels: China, Dutch Mercosur vote, Australia, Myanmar, Bangladesh

This week has been dominated by news and gossip surrounding the nomintion of a successor for the WTO’s outgoing director general. Today, Nigeria announced it was planning to nominate former finance minister and World Bank official Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala – a high profile nomination to say the least. The nomination period …