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Indonesia’s WTO complaint against the EU’s renewable energy directive: what’s in it

It took Indonesia a long time to move from threat to action: but now we have the complaint filed by Jakarta  against the European Union’s REDII directive in its relation to imported biofuels. The Indonesian complaint also targets  France’s tax exemptions for biofuels – which do not cover biodiesel based …

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Week in Brussels: Singapore services, Indonesia, trade opinion and the European urban middle class

All good things happen on a Friday afternoon when everyone wants to head off into the week-end: the EU just released its offer to the United States towards the conformity assessment agreement they are currently negotiating. If you were wondering what to read over the week-end, here it is! High …

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WTO case against new EU biofuels regime under way, say sources

“It will come. And soon,” a source close to the Indonesian government said when asked if and when Jakarta would file a dispute at the World Trade Organization in response to the EU’s new rules on biofuel mixes being released today (21 May). Tuesday was the final act of a …

Aerial view of a Malaysian palm oil factory © Marufish
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Unsustainable unilateralism: Sanctions or sustainability compliance

Europe’s efforts towards sustainable trade is a paradox. While it successfully works with sticks and carrots for sustainable fisheries, the EU imposes rules on biofuels that cannot be complied with, writes Hosuk Lee-Makiyama.

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Week in Brussels: Vietnam FTA, Korea labour dispute, Indonesia FTA update

It’s been an intense week! The EU was involved in the launch of plurilateral negotiations on e-commerce (Jennifer will have more) in Switzerland. That will be a boost to the World Trade Organization. Southeast Asia also featured highly on the agenda as a ministerial meeting was held this week amid rows …

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EU, ASEAN seek to settle palm oil and human rights quarrel, upgrade relationship

The EU and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations announced plans yesterday to upgrade their relationship to a ‘strategic partnership’. But palm oil and human rights disagreements continue to put sand in the wheels of the bilateral cooperation machinery. Strategic partner status tends to mean little in practice. For the …