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Beyond Brussels: Success at Davos as countries agree to start digital trade talks

Four dozen World Trade Organization members including the EU, China and the US will kick off negotiations on digital trade in March in a move designed to reinvigorate the beleaguered trade body. Meanwhile, a group of ‘like-minded’ members led by Canada warned that risks to the multilateral trading system – …

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Beyond Brussels: Venezuelan WTO challenge is latest to touch national security issue

Venezuela struck back this week against US sanctions targeting the government of President Nicolás Maduro, filing a World Trade Organization complaint that accuses Washington of imposing “coercive trade-restrictive measures on the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in the context of attempts to isolate Venezuela economically”. The dispute is the latest touching …

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Beyond Brussels: The new US argument against the Appellate Body

The US and a dozen other World Trade Organization members have finally agreed about something concerning the Appellate Body: the WTO’s highest court has no authority to issue rulings that set a binding precedent. This issue is a non-issue in the eyes of WTO members including the EU, Canada, Japan …

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Beyond Brussels: WTO paints bleak trade outlook ahead of G20 summit

It comes as little surprise that the World Trade Organization expects global merchandise trade to continue decelerating in the coming months – but it’s bad news, nonetheless. Mounting trade tensions, tighter credit conditions in key markets and waning business confidence have caused export orders to fall, the WTO said in …

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Beyond Brussels: US Section 301 report highlights on China

The latest US report detailing Chinese policies involving the transfer of technology, intellectual property and innovation is full of “groundless accusations”, according to China’s Ministry of Commerce. The update, which stems from the Trump administration’s Section 301 investigation, was released a day after the US proposed stepping up scrutiny of …