Author: Hermine Donceel

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Exclusive interview: Elena Santiago Cid – CEN & CENELEC

  Elena Santiago Cid, the director general of CEN and CENELEC*, two of the three European standards organisations, shares her views with Hermine Donceel on how recent EU trade agreements deal with industry standards issues. She also talks about the stalled Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership talks and shares her …

'Week Ahead' and trade agenda Investment screening

This week in EU trade: Mexico, digital, investment screening

It’s a packed trade week we are looking to.   Angela Merkel was reelected Chancellor of Germany on Sunday. Her party’s previous coalition partner, the centre-left SPD, decided to remain in opposition in the coming four years. Germany will be busy negotiating a new government coalition between the centre-right CDU, …

'Week Ahead' and trade agenda Indonesia

The week ahead in EU trade: State of Union, MTDI, Indonesia

Commission President  Jean-Claude Juncker will deliver his annual ‘State of the Union’ speech before the European Parliament on Wednesday (13 September). Juncker has hinted that the EU’s trade policy would feature prominently in his speech. Items expected in his remarks include the Commission’s position on the future architecture of trade …