Author: David Henig

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Perspectives: There is no crisis of globalisation but governments might create one

The number of commentaries proclaiming the end of globalisation will probably increase. The expected difficulties of finding consensus at the WTO’s 12th ministerial conference next June will add to these arguments. Cross-border business in fact remains healthy. But uncertainty around future policy choices may have a corrosive effect.

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Perspectives: India’s recent trade deals are only slightly encouraging to Europe

India’s recently announced trade deals with the United Arab Emirates and Australia have surprised those accustomed to India’s often obstructive trade policy. Their content however suggests that attitudes in New Delhi have not yet changed too much. This suggests there will be difficulties ahead for the UK – and the …

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Perspectives: Borders, trade barriers and Britain’s Unfinished Brexit

There is renewed speculation that the United Kingdom will delay the introduction of full import checks on food arriving from the European Union. Seen together with the ongoing disagreement with Brussels over the Northern Ireland Protocol, this reflects the British government’s continuing difficulty to reconcile leaving the single market with …

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Perspectives: Withdrawing MFN from Russia at WTO is right – going further is problematic

The question of whether Russia should continue to benefit from World Trade Organization membership has moved to prominence in recent days. The rules to remove most-favoured nation treatment are clear and should be applied. But we should be cautious of going further as this would risk the WTO’s future without …