Author: Chris Horseman

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UK, US send upbeat notes on services, investment, digital in trade talks

The British government has emerged sounding upbeat – perhaps predictably so – from the first round of negotiations for a free trade agreement with the United States, which concluded last Friday. According to International Trade Secretary Liz Truss, the two-week-long round of virtual negotiating sessions were “positive and constructive”, with …

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WTO fisheries negotiations put on hold indefinitely following Geneva closedown

Negotiations at the World Trade Organization over disciplines on subsidies to the fisheries sector have been put on pause – but because of disruption caused by COVID-19, rather than any collapse in the negotiations themselves. The long-running negotiations have reached a sensitive phase, with the first draft of a final …

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Brexit and fish: the threat to UK-EU trade in fisheries products

Few sectors have more at stake in the fraught trade negotiations between the United Kingdom and the European Union than fisheries. While the media has mostly been focusing on the highly-politicised issue of access to British fishing grounds for EU vessels after the current transition period expires, Brexit also threatens …