Author: Chris Horseman

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‘Going WTO’: What will be the UK’s experience as an autonomous World Trade Organization member?

The United Kingdom is putting a lot of faith in its membership of one multinational organisation — the World Trade Organization — as a way of mitigating some of the problems associated with its imminent departure from another (the European Union). But might that faith be misplaced?

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Liam Fox: MPs ‘to blame’ as Canada declines to sign FTA rollover with UK

The UK has not yet been able to secure a ‘rollover’ of the EU-Canada free trade agreement to apply to Britain after it leaves the EU – and International Trade Secretary Liam Fox is blaming the UK Parliament for sending out ‘mixed signals’ to its trading partners on the likelihood …

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What the UK’s auto sector makes of prospects for a trade pact with Washington

The British automobile industry is failing to muster much excitement about the prospect of a bilateral trade deal with its second-largest export market, the United States. This is mainly because of the likely consequences of any such deal for trade with its number one market, the European Union. Sense of …