This is our team and network:

Iana Dreyer, Founder and editor

Iana is the founder and editor of Borderlex. She launched Borderlex in 2014 and remains its driving force. Iana has deep international trade policy expertise spanning over fifteen years.

Iana steers Borderlex’s editorial activities and particularly likes to write about the politics shaping EU trade policy, systemic issues at the World Trade Organization, international trade disputes, the nexus between security and trade and EU-Asian trade relations.

Before launching her publishing activity in London, Iana worked as policy analyst in think tanks with a focus on international trade and international energy policy, consulting on occasion for governments. Iana has worked with the European Centre for International Political Economy, the Institute Montaigne and the EU Institute for Security Studies. Iana has also worked for the Financial Times group and trained in journalism.

Iana has post-graduate degrees from the London School of Economics and Sciences Po in Paris. A dual French and German citizen with a special affinity for the United Kingdom, Iana currently spends most of her time between Brussels, Paris and London.

Chris Horseman, Deputy editor

Chris Horseman is a journalist and consultant with over 30 years of experience and a deep knowledge of EU, UK and global trade and agriculture policy issues. 

Chris graduated from the University of Birmingham with a degree in modern languages before working for at the European Commission. Chris joined Informa in 1987, spending four years as Brussels correspondent for Agra Europe. He took up a senior editorial position in the business’s UK office in 1991, and was Editorial Director with Informa Agribusiness Intelligence between 2006 and 2017. His specialist areas include agricultural trade policy and the World Trade Organization, the Common Agricultural Policy and Brexit.

Robert Francis, Brussels editor

Robert Francis is the Brussels editor for Borderlex. Rob joined Borderlex in 2021 as reporter. A long-time resident of the “Brussels bubble”, he previously spent 15 years working for an EU public affairs consultancy for whom he led the Brexit team and advised clients from a range of sectors on their advocacy and communication strategies towards the EU institutions.

At Borderlex Rob covers key developments in EU trade policy and Brussels’ free trade negotiations. Rob’s work emphasises how the EU is rolling out its Green Deal and broader sustainability policies in its trade policy. Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Rob holds a bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages from Oxford University and a Master’s in European Public Affairs from Maastricht University.  

Maia Wilson, Community manager

Maia Wilson runs Borderlex’s social media activities, events and academies. Maia also tracks the work of international think tanks on international trade policy. Maia majored in international studies and political science at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.

She participated in an educational expedition to the Arctic and volunteered with a Global Affairs Canada initiative in Bolivia. Maia grew up in Canada and currently lives in London.

Leading experts from the trade policy world regularly contribute content and articles on our website 

These include:

  • David Henig, UK Director of the think tank European Centre for International Political Economy
  • Deborah Elms, Executive Director at the Asian Trade Centre in Singapore
  • Nikos Lavranos, an expert in international investment law and associate professor at VUB in Brussels

People who have helped Borderlex get off the ground

The following persons have been critical in helping Borderlex get off the ground in its early years. A very warm thanks to them! Ben Aris, Founder of BNE Intellinews, Nick Asthon Hart, Consultant on international trade and digital issues, Fraser Cameron, Director, EU Asia Centre, Peter Chase, Senior Fellow, German Marshall Fund, Dmitry Grozoubinski, Former trade negotiator and Founder,, Philippe Legrain, Senior Fellow, London School of Economics, Hosuk Lee Makiyama, Director, ECIPE, Guy de Jonquières, former World Trade Editor, Financial Times, Sharon Leclercq Spooner, Partner, EPPA, Famke Schaap, Consultant, Deloitte (Belgium), Edwin Vermulst, Partner, VVGB.