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Borderlex Academy: EU Trade and Environment

Borderlex Academy: EU Trade and Environment

How the EU’s environmental policies are shaping its trade policy  

Date and time: Tuesday 25 April 2023 – 8.30 – 17.30 

Location: In-person at Press Club, 95 rue Froissart, Brussels 

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The European Union is rolling out its Green Deal across all policy areas. Its external trade policy is strongly impacted by this trend. At a time when the climate emergency is focusing minds in key global capitals, the EU is ready to wield the muscle of the Brussels Effect to enact change globally – and make change acceptable at home. Compliance with a slew of new rules is the next big challenge for globally operating firms. 

The EU’s – but not only the EU’s – green trade policies are also challenging the rules of the World Trade Organization and raise new questions as to their relationship to the Paris Agreement on climate.  

At this Borderlex Academy attendees will be able to: 

  • Understand the dynamics shaping the ‘greening’ of EU trade policy and the new questions of EU and global trade governance it raises as well as global supply chain compliance and management challenges 
  • Come to grips with the ins and outs of key EU legislation that is coming on stream in 2023 
    • carbon border adjustment 
    • corporate sustainability due diligence 
    • deforestation

 Speakers, session leaders and programme:

8.30Registration, coffee and arrival 
9.00Opening Remarks – Geopolitics of climate-and-trade policyIana Dreyer, Founder and Editor, Borderlex
9.30-10.30EU trade-and-climate initiatives vs the Paris Agreement - conflict or convergence?Nicolas Lockhart, Partner, Sidley Austin
10.45-12.30EU carbon border adjustment mechanism

- What it intends to achieve

- What it doesn't aim to achieve

- How it is supposed to work, how to comply
David Kleimann, Visiting Fellow, Bruegel 
12.30-14.00Brownbag lunch: How the EU is raising the profile of sustainability across its trade policy  Guest speaker: Dora Correia, Deputy Director General incharge of ACP, trade and sustinable development and the Green Deal, DG Trade European Commission
14.00-15.45EU corporate due diligence

- How the EU's corporate due diligence legislation is evolving to meet rising sustainability demands from the public

- Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Legislation: How legislation if shaping up, where would it end

- How to prepare for compliance
Famke Schaap, Founder and Partner, Hyacint Consult
16.00-17.30The EU’s deforestation regulation - Why, What, Who, How, When

- The EU's new deforestation regulation: what it aims to achieve and what are the requirements

- The compliance challenges ahead: complying with requirements from multiple jurisdictions, remaining grey areas
Thomas Voland, Partner, Clifford Chance with Adam Hedley, Partner, Clifford Chance

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