Borderlex Academy: UK Trade Policy

Borderlex Academy: Trade Policy – The rules that shape the UK’s cross-border trade 

Date and time: 27 March @ 14.30 – 28 March @ 17.00 

Location: In-person near Holborn Station, central London and online 

Request details and pricing at – Subscriber and group discounts available 

Cross-border transactions never happen in a legal vacuum. Businesses and governments are becoming more aware of these rules – or their absence – when the system is starting to show cracks. The UK is gradually finding its role in the global trading system post Brexit – but will continue to face headwinds as global big-power rivalries sharpen. All this comes at a time when supply chains have never been as integrated, the climate agenda is upending established ways of conceiving trade policies and digital and robotics open new opportunities but also challenges for the governance of international trade. 

At the 2023 Borderlex Trade Policy Academy, you will be able to: 

  • Get your head around the foundations of the global trading system as the economy shifts towards the Asia-Pacific 
  • Understand the dynamics shaping UK trade relationships with its large next-door neighbour, the EU 
  • Discuss new geopolitical realities, tech and environmental policies and how they are shaping the way we will trade across borders in future
  • Hear directly from practitioners and seasoned observers and analysts of trade policy in the UK, Europe and beyond 
  • Mingle and exchange views with fellow UK or UK-interested practitioners and stakeholders from business, civil society and governments in the area of trade policy. 

 Speakers and session leaders:

  • Simon Manley – Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the UK to the WTO and UN in Geneva 
  • Chris Horseman – Deputy Editor at Borderlex
  • Iana Dreyer, Founder & Editor at Borderlex
  • Deborah Elms – Asia Trade Centre
  • David Henig – Director at ECIPE 
  • Fergus McReynolds – Director of EU Affairs, Make UK 
  • Emily Lydgate – Reader in Environmental Law, Deputy Director of the UK Trade Policy Observatory 



13.30 Registration, coffee and arrival
14.00 Welcoming Remarks Iana Dreyer, Founder and Editor, Borderlex


Is the World Trade Organization still worth it?

·       World Trade Organization and its crisis

·       Dispute settlement and enforcement

·       Plurilateral agreements: a way out?

·       The global subsidy race: what next?


Guest speaker:

Simon Manley, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the UK to the WTO and UN in Geneva


Session moderated by Chris Horseman, Deputy Editor, Borderlex

15.00 Asian century: Asia Pacific and the digitalization of trade

·       Underlying dynamics shaping trade policy in the region

·       Asia-Pacific trading arrangements – CPTPP, RCEP, ASEAN

·       Digital Economy Agreements/Digital Partnerships

·       IPEF: the new kid on the block?

·       Prospects for UK trade agreements with India and joining CPTPP


Remotely from Singapore: Deborah Elms*, Asia Trade Centre
16.15 Coffee Break
16.30 China, Trump and war in Ukraine – shifts in EU trade policy and implications for the UK

·       EU ‘Strategic autonomy’, industrial policy, and green trade

·       EU Legal enforcement of WTO rules and FTAs

·       US trade policy under Biden and transatlantic trade relationships: cooperation or friction

·       Is there a role for the UK on the transatlantic trade beat?


Iana Dreyer, Founder and Editor of Borderlex
17.45 End of Day 1 – Reception


9.30 Arrival and coffee
10.00 Morning session on EU UK trade relations

10.00 Dealing with the big neighbour next door

·       Scenarios for EU UK trade relations in the coming years

·       EU UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement: what it is, what it isn’t

·       Are there alternative cooperation channels to the TCA to smoothen bilateral trade relationships?

Followed by short break

11.30 Case study on working with the EU post Brexit:

·       Implementing the EU UK TCA: can trade be smoothened out after the Brexit disruption?

·       Initial experience with the new TCA institutions and committee work

David Henig, Director at ECIPE







Fergus McReynolds, Director of EU Affairs, Make UK



12.30 Morning session ends  
12.30 Lunch break


Panel: Environment policy vs trade policy?

·       Carbon border taxes: EU’s CBAM and other initiatives – implications for trading partners

·       A paradigm shift in trade policy thinking: free trade vs production-and-processing methods?

·       Conciliating free trade and greening the economy: FTAs, ACCTS, tackling harmful subsidies (fisheries, fossil fuels….)

·       The UK in all this


Emily Lydgate, Reader in Environmental Law, Deputy Director of the UK Trade Policy Observatory



16.00 End of programme

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