LSE Event: Global Trade Policy Challenges

LSE Event: Global Trade Policy Challenges – Preparing for the next decade

The world economy is going through a phase of considerable turmoil and instability. First, globalisation seems to be reversing with an acceleration of economic disintegration among major trading powers, securitisation of global trade and investment relations within geo-economic blocks and paralysis of multilateral global governance. Second, our domestic economies are undergoing profound structural shifts in the light of the climate emergency, energy scarcity and rise of digital technologies and artificial intelligence. And third, the centre of the world economy is shifting towards the Asia and Global South. How do policy-makers see these developments? And how can states position themselves to benefit rather than lose from today’s phase of turmoil?  

The speakers:  

  • Ignacio Bercero – Director of DG Trade  
  • Iana Dreyer – Founder of Borderlex 
  • Crawford Falconer – Acting Permanent Secretary of the DIT  
  • Han-Koo Yeo – Former Minister of Trade of the Republic of Korea & Seoul National University  
  • Jie Yu – Senior Research Fellow at Chatham House 

The chair:

  • Robert Basedow – Assistant Professor for International Political Economy

Date: Wednesday 01 February 2023   

When: 6:30pm – 8:00pm  

Where: In-person at the LSE Hong Kong Theater, Clement House & online   

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