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Trade Bites: After the great divorce – the new EU UK trade relationship

The UK’s Trade and Cooperation Agreement with the EU came into force on New Year’s Day. Since then, the focus has mainly been on the border issues, with supermarket supplies running short in a few areas, and lorry drivers’ ham sandwiches being confiscated by Dutch customs officials.

But while the UK’s Michael Gove always said there would be ‘bumps in the road’ to begin with, where will the TCA deal ultimately lead us? What sort of an agreement is it, and could it yet be improved upon? And what will it mean for UK businesses which have dealings with the EU?

To discuss all this and more, Chris Horseman is joined by Professor Alan Winters, Jill Rutter and Iana Dreyer.



    Alan Winter’s point about trust, and indeed the loss of trust in Britain’s intentions and ability to respect its agreements, is a crucial point. Comes out very strongly in the fisheries chapter in my view.


    I would also suggest that the British tactics in negotiation fell foul of the French proverb : “Qui trop embrasse, mal étreint” – meaning that the insistence on absolute sovereignty and control of borders was counter-rpoductive. The UK simply does not have enough clout vis-a-vis the EU to push this point to the limit, nor does the interconnected nature of the global economy lend itself to this type of almost isolation.

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