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Trade Bites Podcast: The Internal Market Bill – avoiding trade anarchy in the UK?

Podcast: Since the Brexit referendum, the trade policy focus has been primarily about how UK businesses will trade with their counterparts in the EU and around the world. But what about intra-UK trade?

Surely it stands to reason that there won’t be any problem for a business in England to trade with a business in Scotland?

However, closer examination shows that when you strip away the legal framework provided by EU membership, and simultaneously devolve regulatory powers to the administrations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, some rather unexpected problems can result.

The UK Internal Market Bill, currently making its way through Parliament, forms part of the Government’s response to these challenges. But will it solve the problems, or simply exacerbate them?

To discuss all this and more, Borderlex Deputy Editor Chris Horseman is joined by Dr Emily Lydgate, George Peretz QC and Professor Graeme Roy.

Listen HERE.

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