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New Monthly Brief: Can TTIP be concluded in 2016? Evidence from the negotiation process

Borderlex PRO just published its latest :

Monthly Brief

Can TTIP be concluded in 2016? Evidence from the negotiation process


On 27 May 2016, G7 leaders pledged to conclude Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership negotiations in 2016. This brief takes a plunge into the complex TTIP negotiation process that has been unfolding since 2013 and takes stock issue by issue, of where matters stand as of late May 2016. It tries to assess whether it is at all – technically – possible to clinch an agreement this year.


The brief is based on an analysis of texts (official and leaked), speeches, and on interviews with persons involved in or closely familiar with the negotiations held in April and May 2016. The key take-away of the brief is that the contours of an agreement clearly start appearing. But despite the recent acceleration of negotiations, as things stand today, and if negotiations continue to be led with the same method and objectives as they have so far, TTIP does not seem ripe for a conclusion in 2016.


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